Subject: Police Siren


This episode kicks off with a car chase on the streets of Orlando, Florida. Mark Osborne, a nine year veteran police officer, and his partner Gwen Sullivan give chase to a four door sedan and drunken bartender Earl Woodley. At home, Derek Barnes watches video taped footage of the high-speed chase while recording a play-by-play sound clip for the Freakylinks website. On tape, Osborne and Sullivan corner Woodley’s vehicle in a vacant lot. Both officers get out of their patrol car and subdue the drunken criminal. While Sullivan holds Woodley on the hood of their car, Osborne darts for the criminal’s vehicle and jumps into the back seat. Without having time to react, Sullivan watches as the car explodes and her partner’s life is snuffed out in flames. Some time later, the entire FreakyLinks team reviews the chase tape. Derek stops the footage when he spots something strange in the bartender’s car. Rewinding the tape, they all see the angelic image of a woman sitting in the front seat of the burning car. A mystery begins to present itself after a review of the original police report indicates no other people were involved in the incident.

Derek and Jason go on the hunt for strange woman’s identity and track down the bartender’s burned out car to a junk yard. As they approach the vehicle, they discover officer Sullivan lurking in the front seat of the car and immediately become suspicious. Unable to investigate further, Sullivan scares them out of the yard and back on the road in search of more clues. At the police station, Chloe and Lan lend their investigative talents to the job posing as researchers hoping to get a “ride-along” with officer Sullivan. Meanwhile, Derek and Jason pay a visit to Earl, the bartender, with the hope of piecing together the puzzle of the mysterious woman. On a tip from Earl, the boys head to the local cop hangout where a bitter officer confiscates Derek’s video-taped footage of Osborne’s death. Chloe and Lan score the “ride-along” gig and get called to an office building where a “jumper” is threatening to commit suicide. Once there, officers defuse the “jumper’s” suicidal tendencies but get involved in a separate situation when one of their fellow cops walks on to the edge of the building and prepares to jump. After spotting the same mysterious woman as Osborne, the officer throws himself over the edge to his death. Derek tries to make sense of reality and reviews the most recent suicide footage. Slowing the tape, he spots the same mysterious woman which only the suicidal officers can see. Derek gathers his information and takes his finding to the police station. He presents to the Captain with the hypothesis that someone, or something, is stalking the lawmen.

Back at the humble FreakyLinks abode, Chloe and Lan discover a connection between the fallen officers and Rene Wright, a female cop who’s at the hospital trapped in a coma. Back on the hunt, Derek and Jason follow the police trail to a warehouse where they’re cornered by yet another officer who’s suspicious of their investigation. As the boys put their hands in air at gun-point, the cop spots the mysterious woman walking toward him from the opposite end of the warehouse. Although Derek and Jason can’t see her, they sense her presence. With their backs turned, the boys hear a gun-shot as the officer shoots himself in the head. On the other side of town, Chloe and Lan trail officer Sullivan to the hospital and the beside of Rene Wright. As the pieces of the bizarre puzzle begin to fit together, Chloe suggests to Sullivan the mystery woman may be the product of Astral Projection, a process that enables spirits to materialize in the physical world. Back at the cop shop, Derek and Jason are arrested on suspicion of murder and quickly realize they’re being set up by a corrupt police force and a crooked captain. That’s right, the age-old “good cop gone bad” type of scenario. At the hospital, Chloe and Lan are taken into police custody and brought to the station where they meet up with Derek and Jason. The FreakyLinks team gets to the truth and blows the lid off of a stolen car scheme where police officers sell vehicles and parts for a profit. They also realize officer Rene Wright knew about the stolen vehicle scam and was shot by her fellow cops in order to keep the scheme silent.

Hope prevails as officer Sullivan comes to the rescue and helps the gang break out of the slammer. Meanwhile, the crooked police Captain of pays a visit to Rene Wright and suffocates the helpless woman with a pillow. When the FreakyLinks crew arrives at the hospital, the murdering Captain pins Wright’s death on them. As he escorts the group into the hallway, the angelic mystery woman appears long enough for the Captain to meet his demise. As police scatter throughout the hall, the Captain fires at the ghostly image only to be gunned down by his own men who can only see their corrupt superior. With her mission of revenge complete, the Rene Wright returns to her physical body and wakes up, not only from a coma but death as well. Life is restored and the FreakyLink bandits are exonerated of all wrong-doing. Instead of going to jail, Rene Wright is alive and the police force purged of internal corruption.

Done deal, another lost episode of FreakLinks for the archives. Out of all the episodes I have checked out, and that would be nearly the entire run, Police Siren is definitely the best of the lot. Certainly filled with quirky paranormal activity, this episode also has its fair share of gun-slinging action as well. Much is the case with all of the later episodes of the show, the writing gets better and does manage to hold up the series better than the initial pilot. It’s too bad this episode wasn’t aired earlier, perhaps as the second or third outing, or the show may have stood a chance. The series in now part of television history but it’s nice to know the creative team did make the effort to enhance the show’s potential. Unfortunately, such efforts couldn’t save the show from the scrap heap but at least I now see the direction producers were attempting to go in. Another “A” for effort in my book!

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