Subject: Three Thirteen


Open on a guy sitting at home at a computer, he is searching the web and up pops the Freakylinks website. He hears a loud noise and yells out, “Honey?” and runs into the bedroom. He opens the door to reveal his extremely pregnant wife sitting on the edge of the bed. The guy, clearly her husband asks if he can get her something as he puts the alarm clock back on the bedside table — there is a close-up on the clock, which reads 3:13. She asks for a drink, and he goes to get it, but she grabs her stomach and gasps, but it was just the baby kicking. He gets her some tap water. A wind starts blowing in the wife’s bedroom, and she turns to walk out and runs straight into her husband, returning with her drink. She drinks the water and says she’s going back to sleep. He kisses her good-night and says he’s “just surfing” and will come to bed soon. The alarm clock still says 3:13. He sits back down at the computer, and the bedroom door slams shut behind him. He runs into the bedroom, where the clock is now blinking 3:13. He checks the bedroom windows which are all padlocked shut. He hears a noise and runs to the door, which has about ten locks on it, all of which require a key. He runs out of the apartment building and to some sort of garage, where the wife is preparing to pour gasoline all over herself. She pours the gasoline, and the scene ends.

Derek walks down a spiral staircase and into the Freakylinks offices. He’s wearing a robe and rubbing his eyes, and he picks up a piece of pizza out of a box and eats it. Lan comes in and ribs Derek about sleeping until 2:30. She asks him what he did last night and he tells her that him and Jason were playing games. He asks what he did and she informs him that he disabled the extensions. He asks how he did that and she replies that she dosen’t now but that he did it. After some conversation about the back up files Lan reminds Derek that he still owes her for “the firewall software.” He says he’ll pay her back after they “sell some t-shirts and collect on some banners.” Derek looks out the window and sees some girl standing there, with her back towards him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the husband and his wife. The husband says that “a demon or something wants to either kill [his] wife or take [their] child,” and they need his help.

Jason and Lan discuss the husband and wife. Jason feels that they are “one can short of a six-pack.” Jason wonders how people find them, since they don’t put their address on the website. Derek is talking to the husband and wife sitting at some outdoor patio, still wearing his robe. Derek asks if they found out about him from “Buddy,” a surfer who travels a lot, and apparently Derek is house-sitting for him. The wife says they found him through the website, and she felt like she knew him or knew something about the house. The husband asks if Derek can help them. Derek says he’s “not a ghost buster.” The husband insits that they must have connections. The wife gets Derek’s name wrong, and says that she’s really scared, and Ted (the husband) believes in Derek. Basically, she says that Derek has to help them because they have a baby on the way. Cut to Jason-cam documenting Ted and his wife’s house. Derek keeps looking into the camera and cracking up. While Ted explains things that have happened. The wife tells Derek that she hums sometimes and doesn’t know that she’s doing it. Jason whispers to Derek that they should leave. The wife shows off an entire closet of CDs that she ordered online, all classical, which she never listened to before. Jason says, “The demon makes you shop or something?” Derek asks if they have ever thought about returning the CDs, but Ted says that when he tried, his wife stabbed him with a steak knife. She claims she doesn’t remember doing it. The tour continues, stopping off in the baby’s room. Ted and wife debate over whether it will be a boy or a girl. Jason is caught up in the pictures on the walls, as the wife starts to hum. Jason focuses on some blocks. Ted tells his wife to stop humming, and she looks surprised. Ted takes them out of the nursery, but the wife stays. We switch to a shot of the wife stareing into the crib holding a bear as a black oil-like substance starts to ooze into the crib. The wife drops the teddy bear she was holding into the oil. Suddenly a hand reaches up out of the oil, and she screams. Ted rushes into the room to find his wife catatonic in the corner. The crib is perfectly clean. Derek looks confused.

Cut to a beach. Chloe is sitting in a chair, when her cell phone rings. It’s Derek. He asks if she’s busy, and she says she’s “putting together [her] paper for New York,” where there is a “psych conference.” Derek wants help, but she’s too busy. Derek tells her about the wife and the demon. Derek says he thinks they might both be “mentally ill” and he doesn’t know “who else to call” because he’s “worried they’re going to hurt the baby.” Cut to Chloe, talking to the wife at her apartment. In the background, Ted asks Derek if Chloe is a “psychic or something.” Derek hesitates, but finally reveals that Chloe is “a shrink.” Ted gets upset and says that they’re not crazy, and his “mother died in a mental home.” Jason informs Ted that they are “the good guys,” and Chloe is there “to calm things down.” Ted says that Derek and Jason have to stay there all night and record what happens to see that they are not crazy. Cut to a new scene of Derek and Chloe walking out. Chloe is saying that “expectant mothers are a hormone factory,” and sometimes their “maternal instinct gets mutated.” Derek asks about Ted, and Chloe says that it could be a “shared delusion.” She’s going to call Social Services, but it might take them a while to intervene. She suggests that Derek and Jason stay with them. Chloe says Ted and his wife might “try to prove their delusion by doing something dangerous,” and she makes Derek promise to call the professionals if things start “going south.”

Day turns to night. Ted, Jason, and Derek watch an old movie on TV, I think its the blob. Ted asks how Derek got into this line of work. In the background, there’s a commercial for “Duppy’s Gas-n-Go.” Derek says his brother died, and he picked up where his brother left off. Ted asks about Jason, who says that he’s “just in this for the health-care benefits.” Piano music starts up in the background, and Ted says, “Oh my God!” and gets up. Derek and Jason follow. The clock reads 3:13. Jason-cam follows Ted to “the rec/pool room,” where they find the wife furiously playing piano.

Cut to some guy from the university watching the video on Derek’s computer in the Freakylinks offices. He asks if the wife has ever played before, and Derek says, “Husband says the only thing she knows how to play is the kazoo.” University Guy says that they had a woman at the university who could play by ear. Lan asks if the wife is actually playing something. University Guy says that it’s “a pastiche,” or “bits and pieces of almost every piece of classical music written in the past three hundred years.” He focuses on one part of the song that doesn’t really fit. Then University Guy notices that she is playing a song written to be played by four hands, and she’s playing all of the parts, but with two hands. Lan tells Derek he needs to look at something on her computer. Cut to Chloe sitting in front of Lan’s computer, and isn’t taking Derek seriously. Derek keeps making her watch the video of the nursery, and she doesn’t get it. Finally Derek explains that the blocks were rearranged, and it was impossible for any of them to touch them. Chloe asks what it means, and Derek reads the rearranged blocks, “Delaney Park.” Chloe asks if the humming demon wants a picnic. Lan hands Chloe a printout from the Missing Persons Registry and says, “Delaney Park is a person.” Derek adds that he thinks Delaney is a ghost who is haunting Ted and his wife. Chloe protests that yesterday he thought they were mentally ill, but Derek says that the block thing changed his mind, and that Chloe needs to see “the recital.” Chloe worries that Derek is “fueling their delusions.” Derek asks Chloe to “keep an eye on them” while he and Jason work it out. At first she is hesitant but persuasion from Derek makes her agree.

Jason-cam shows us Derek talking to some sort of police officer who keeps repeating that he would “rather not say” anything about the Delaney Park case. Finally, the officer reveals that the prime suspect was “the boyfriend, Max D’Angelo,” but until they find Delaney’s body, it’s a moot point. Now Jason-cam is filming Derek talking to “Claudia,” a street musician who was friends with Delaney. Claudia also suspects Max, because she thinks that Delaney would have told her if she was running away. Also, Max was trouble. Max worked at a “convenience store on Cooper Road,” and Delaney was always out there. Jason-cam films Max D’Angelo on his boat. He agrees to talk with them on-camera to try to get some “publicity for Delaney” and reveals that he was the last one to see her. He declines to talk about their “personal stuff” but does say that Delaney is “not dead” because her “spirit lives on.” Also, he didn’t get along with Delaney’s mom.

Jason and Derek are now at Delaney’s mother’s house. Pan over a piano covered with photos of Delaney. Mrs. Park tells them about the efforts to find Delaney when she first went missing, but they never found her. Mrs. Park tells them that Delaney was supposed to go to Julliard. Mrs. Park breaks down, and Derek and Jason offer to leave.

Cut to the wife going into the nursery and stares at the crib, and then she turns to see Derek, who apologizes for scaring her. Derek, Jason, and Chloe show the wife the printout of Delaney from the Missing Person Registry. At first, she says she doesn’t know Delaney, but then she starts getting flashbacks and starts crying. We see flashbacks of Delaney standing in the road, and the wife driving, and she keeps saying, “I think I hurt her.” A younger and not pregnant wife is driving a truck down the street and rocking out to a song by Econoline Crush. The wife is singing, and she sees a girl standing by the road hitchhiking. It’s Delaney Park. She pulls over, and Delaney runs up the truck. Cut to present day, and we see that The wife has been hypnotized by Chloe, and is revealing this information to the gang as we see it. She reveals that she doesn’t normally pick up hitchhikers, but she’s mad at Ted and wants someone to talk to. In flashback, Delaney tells the wife she wants to leave town with her boyfriend, but he won’t go. Wife asks if she wants to “relax and kill some brain cells” and says that “the lighter is in the glove compartment.” Delaney says she can’t, and wife says, “What are you, pregnant or something?” Delaney is, of course, pregnant, and she’s supposed to “take care of it.” The wife asks how she feels about it, and Delaney thinks she should have the baby. They discuss men for a while and laugh. The wife drops Delaney off at her house and tells her to call if she needs anything. Delaney, who really is a very pleasant person, thanks her for the ride. The wife pulls away and sees in her rearview mirror that Delaney is joined on the street by another person, Max. Back at her house, the wife cries, and Chloe reassures her. Ted asks why this is happening to her, and Derek says they “made a bond,” and Delaney is “calling long distance” and “the messages are getting garbled.” Chloe points out that Delaney’s “getting better at it — she gave us her name.”

Suddenly, the wife goes into a seizure, and oil starts coming out of her mouth, and she yells, “Stop her, she’s killing me.” Cut to the wife at the hospital, being rushed down a hallway on a gurney. Ted is worried. She is unresponsive. The clock reads 2:25. Ted comes out and tells the Freakylinks gang (minus Lan) that the doctors want to save the baby, because they don’t think the wife has a chance. A nurse comes out and tells Ted he needs to sign some consent forms. Derek tells the others that Delaney is close, and they need to find her. A commercial for a gas station comes on the television, and it has a familiar tune, it’s the song that the wife was playing on the piano earlier. The gang starts looking in a phone book for the nearest location, and Jason and Chloe know there is one not listed in the book, but can’t remember the name. Derek remembers Claudia, the street musician, telling them that Max worked at a place on Cooper Road, and Chloe and Jason say that’s the place. Derek and Jason rush off to the store, which was leveled by a hurricane about six months ago. Cut back to The wife flailing about and screaming in the operating room.

Back at the convenience store, Derek and Jason sift through the rubble. Finally, Jason finds a lid, and he and Derek lift it up. There are a series of rungs going down into some sort of tunnel. Derek is going down there to see what’s up. As Derek descends, one of the rungs breaks off and he falls down into the tunnel. Jason yells down to confirm that Derek is okay, and Derek says he is. Jason tells Derek that he’s in “a sludge pit” and throws down his flashlight for Derek. Shining it around, Derek sees “scratch marks” near the opening, and concludes that someone was trying to get out.Jason sends the camera down into the pit as well. Derek shines his flashlight around as he walks towards one end of the pit. His flashlight falls on the desiccated corpse of Delaney Park. Sitting on the body is the teddy bear that the wife dropped into the ooze in the crib early on in the episode.

Cut to the coroner who removes the body, as Derek and Jason sit and watch. Cut to Mrs. Park, standing in the doorway of her house, crying as cops tell her the news. Cut to Chloe, watching the proceedings on television while sitting in the hospital waiting room. Max D’Angelo is being led away in cuffs. Jason and Derek enter the waiting room, and Derek and Chloe hug. Chloe reports that the wife is still not doing well, and they don’t know what’s wrong. Jason asks about the baby, and Chloe reports that it’s fine, and it was born at 3:13 AM. Jason doesn’t understand why the wife isn’t getting better, since they did everything they were supposed to do. Chloe wonders if maybe they were just too late. Derek tells Chloe that Delaney had been alive when she was put into the pit.

Cut to Derek ringing Mrs. Park’s doorbell. Mrs. Park gives him a big hug and thanks him. Derek brought a tape of the wife playing piano, since Mrs. Park said that she missed Delaney’s music. Mrs. Park invites Derek in and takes him up to Delaney’s room. Derek looks at the many trophies on a shelf. He asks about one, and Mrs. Park tells him it was for a regional competition. Derek looks closer and sees that the date on the trophy is March 13th. Also, the corner of the trophy is a little battered. Suddenly, Derek has a vision of Delaney standing there, saying, “Stop her.” He remembers the wife saying, “She’s killing me!” and sees Delaney fall to the floor, with the bloodied trophy next to her. He looks at Mrs. Park and says, “It wasn’t Max. You did it.” Derek continues, “You killed your own daughter.” Mrs. Park says that Delaney didn’t want to use her talent, and she didn’t care about her music. Derek informs her that Delaney was alive when she was placed underground, and that she tried to get out. Mrs. Park screams and cries.

Cue montage of photographs of Mrs. Park and Delaney. Derek leads Mrs. Park down the stairs. Mrs. Park asks how he knew, and Derek says he “made a connection.” Mrs. Park has a vision of Delaney playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” This somehow inspires her to jump from the second floor to the marble floor below. Derek yells, “No!”. Our last shot of Mrs. Park is of her face and then blood spreading out from under it.

Ted and wife are featured in a video where they explain that the wife and her baby are both doing fine, and they thank Derek. The whole Freakylinks gang is watching the video on a monitor. Derek switches to Delaney’s Missing Persons Registry page. Derek says he can’t post this on the website, because it’s…Chloe fills in, “Too personal.” Derek says that Delaney deserves some privacy now. Lan offers to buy everyone pizza and beer, and all leave ahead of Derek. He says goodbye to Delaney and then leaves.

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